Are You the Suffocating Type? (Read: Clingy)




  • Top 3 answers based on a survey

Okay, we all have dramas in life and let’s all admit that most of the time, we send messages to friends or lovers indirectly asking them to comfort us. Not trying to sound like a Regina George here but we’ve met these types some point in our lives and they are a bit good at.. Well, firing up our nerves. We just can’t stretch our nerves sometimes because for whatever reasons there might be. A best friend, a boyfriend, a girlfriend and the list goes on…

And to determine if you are one of those Clingy types, let’s see if this article might help.

  1. Why is she/he are not replying to my text messages? I have sent like 10 SMS in 10 seconds and you never replied to even one of them.

-Oooohkay, so you sent them like tons of messages and…

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