Are You the Suffocating Type? (Read: Clingy)



  • Top 3 answers based on a survey

Okay, we all have dramas in life and let’s all admit that most of the time, we send messages to friends or lovers indirectly asking them to comfort us. Not trying to sound like a Regina George here but we’ve met these types some point in our lives and they are a bit good at.. Well, firing up our nerves. We just can’t stretch our nerves sometimes because for whatever reasons there might be. A best friend, a boyfriend, a girlfriend and the list goes on…

And to determine if you are one of those Clingy types, let’s see if this article might help.

  1. Why is she/he are not replying to my text messages? I have sent like 10 SMS in 10 seconds and you never replied to even one of them.

-Oooohkay, so you sent them like tons of messages and you are not even thinking if they are on their jobs, their ass being burned by a boss, or feeding their children or whatever and their phone keeps beeping because of your text message that can’t just wait. Don’t feel bad. They have lives you know?

  1. Go to the mall with me. Go to the bathroom with me. Watch a movie with me. Or whatever..

-First of all, I am not your nanny and second of all, I am not your shadow. I know you just can’t simply take your eyes off of me but please understand that I also need a breath of fresh air.

  1. Who are you with? Why so many girls/boys? Why didn’t you tell me? Why am I not invited? What are you doing right now?

-If the “Who are you with?” has been answered, too many follow up questions would totally have us press our temples. You might not be invited at a certain event because of legitimate reasons. Say, it is a birthday surprise, a surprise promotion party. Why didn’t we tell you? Because again, it is a surprise. And as for the “What are you doing right now?” question, it is fine to ask from time to time but asking the same question every minute makes us want to just turn our cell phones off.

A little help:

This might not be enough but believe us, we badly want to spend time with you too. As a friend or a boy/girlfriend, we can assure you that we will definitely love you for who you are. We just want to let you know that though we can’t be there 24/7 for we also have lives of our own, we will always make time for you.

You might be experiencing a lot of things right now and we do understand that. Just don’t throw bombs and needles to our house if we can’t get to you right away. And if you are one of those listed above, you can try to do these:

  • Try new things. Keep yourself busy. Try things you haven’t done. Travel, write something, try a new hobby. Just don’t commit suicide.
  1. ENJOY
  • Go out with your friends. You might be experiencing heartbreaks or what nots, but it is not bad to tell some close office/school friends. They might have something to share that might help the hell out of you!
  1. RELAX
  • Learn the art of loving “me time”. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Have yourself pampered in a spa. Treat yourself to a massage. Sit down and relax. You might not know it, but some alone time will help you think things over and probably lessen the feeling of needing someone to be always at your side.
  • Look at yourself in the mirror. Do you like what you see? If you don’t, you have a confidence issue. Constant reminders from people around you will earn you a different impression. Rewind your life to five years. Surely, you will have accomplished something and keep in mind that it once made you feel great. You can definitely do it again. Probably better. Trust yourself. Do I need to sing Whitney’s Greatest Love of All?


Life wouldn’t be called life without the drama that keeps rolling. Whether you are a man or a woman, you will have stories to share. And friends or lovers will definitely one of the best supporting actors to go along with it. They will always be there for you unless you don’t want them to.

Give yourself a break, breathe in, breathe out. Friends will always be friends.


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